Bespoke Commissions

Providing a bespoke service is a real pleasure and passion of mine. I can tailor a piece of furniture or art to meet your specific requirements and lifestyle, whether you require a dining table, occasional table, office desk, boardroom table or any other item of furniture.

Commissioning your own piece is ideal for those who cannot find a suitable product on the market and are willing to spend the time to collaborate on their own bespoke design. It can be frustrating searching for a compromising off-the-shelf product that may not meet your requirements.

Clients may come to me with a specific idea in mind, or perhaps just require a tweak to one of my Signature designs. Working closely with you I create a solid brief building on your ideas to create a bespoke design. Alternatively, other clients may grant me complete freedom of design.

Commissioning a bespoke design, and having a piece tailored to your specific requirements is extremely rewarding. No matter how extravagant or challenging your idea may be, I am passionate about working with you to create a beautiful and high-quality bespoke piece that can be treasured and enjoyed for years to come.